Fro-Disia Mix for January 2008.

Hi everyone, hope we all have recovered from the Xmas period.

Few things of note before we the to the tracks, first the Blackpool Hilton Soul Weekender was once again a great success and is acredit to the organizers Ralph Tee and Richard Searling, what a fantastic timewas had by all. So much soul music of all types to dance to, and Jean Carne aswell. You may ask what could be better, well I`ll tell you, the jazz session on the Saturday afternoon was great and it was a pleasure for me to be involved in it once again. Playing tunes after the guys from Family Tree and along side Mark Grice, Ian `Bad Vibes` and the man who has done so much for dance jazz Colin Curtis was an experience. If you ever were thinking of staying in aluxury hotel and listening to fantastic music for a whole weekend, then this is`the`place. The next one is at the Birmingham Metropole hotel in May.

The next Fro-Disia night is booked for the 23rdof Feb at the City Bar in Chester and this time around we have a full 2 room event of soul and jazz with the Fro-Disia jazz in it`s usual place, the basement,where all good jazz events belong. You all know what to expect from Fro-Disia and this time around, along with Baz Maleady and I, we have included Glen Worthington to start the ball rolling and then at long last Colin Curtis. The Soul upstairs in the main bar is supplied 2 soul giants Roger Williams and Ray Rose. I can guarantee a blend of quality nu and forthcoming music with a respectful look back to pat grooves set in a cool plush Chester venue.

If you need more info send me an E mail at

fro-disia@hotmail.comand I`ll keep you informed.

Added to that you can book online for a Fiver each togain entry to both rooms or it`s six quid on the door. Free soul & jazz CD on entry to the basement. See the flyer above.

Just before Xmas we had the the pleasure of visiting the Poppyred Bar in Birmingham city center where the Sunday night`Liquid Fusion` broken beat/jazz session takes place,under the guide of all round nice guy, DJ Bruce Q. As we walked in (and it`s free by the way), we were greeted by some of the coolest jazz dancers I have seen in ages. The floor was rammed and it was a struggle to get across to the bar. The music was fantastic and on the decks that night I was amazed and pleased to see London`s Jazz Café`s Perry Louis on the decks. The guy was causing the room to shake. This is a defo` venue to visit if you ever get the chance. Every Sunday, Poppyred Bar, Birmingham City Center.

As usual my friends at will place the mix on their great site for you to download or stream etc. Give them a couple of days for it to be posted etc. look under teecee.

Before you ask I will place it on megaupload as well, I`ll send out a link soon.

The tracks

1 Module 5 - `Yeah` Irma records Italy 2007. Brand new group for Irma and the first thing I`ve liked from that label in a long while. Cool nu jazz with a sample I just can`t recall at the mo. Being an `anorak` on these things It`s bugging me.

2 South Froggies ­ `London Swings` came out in the latter part of 2007 and from the album New Jazz Factory

3 Clubde Belugas ­ `What Is Jazz` (Tape Five remix). Excellent remix of an already good nu jazz tune from the ever quality outfit that is Club De Belugas. From the album `Swop` 2007

4 The Little Kids ­ `The Influence`. Once again these guys pull off a cool blend of jazz and rap whilst laying down a dance vibe. I loved their past track ³Let The Rhythm Hit Em`, and this is in the same vain.

5 Jazz Juice - `Come On`. from the latest `Messin Around`compilation cool track and wonderful vocal on this tune on the Freestyle label

6 Juju Orchestra - `What Is Hip`.(Mo`Horizons Remix). A more subtle rap from Terry Callier this timebut with a funky dance floor easy vibe.

7 Rhythmagic Orchestra ­ `Afrodisia`. Another cool Latin tune from this outfit, quality stuff, I added the iconic` good evening we have something special tonight here at BirdlandŠŠ`. Not my idea someone else did it with an older version of the same tune. When it works it works.

8 Orange Pekoe- ? (Os Bossa 4 Version) unfortunately guys I don`tread Japanese, it`s a shortcoming of mine, not much call for it in Lancashire were we can hardly tell what each other is saying ! So I donıt know the real title but it`s too good not to use. If you know it let me know.

9 Arn Evans & Tradewinds ­ `Samba Time. 1979track from the album `Lighter Than Air`

10 Reel People ­ `Alibi` from their new album `Seven Ways To Wonder`ŠŠ.this track is heavy on Latin flavors which we like a lot.

11 Acimo­ `Token Set`.Nice fusion of house funk & jazzy instrumental from the 2002 album Acimo.

12 Idea6 ­ I`ll Be Waiting`(Gerardo Frisina Remix). Nice rolling remix from Frisina

13 Josh Jones & Latin Soul Ensemble - `Here On Earth` great gritty Latin jazz dancer.

14 Harris Simon Group ­ `Wind Chant`. One of the absolute great dance jazz tracks of all time from one of the most highly sought bands. Japanese reissue CD`s abound of the 80`s HSG, but on plastic, it`s worth a few quid. The album `Swish`. Fantastic, what it`s all about.

15 Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi ­ `Three For You`. Another quality tune from the Italian Schema label.

Thatıs it.



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